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Apollo White Dental, Plot No.B-27, Mogappair West, 1st Avenue, Above Apollo Family Clinic, Nolambur Road, Near Wavin Signal, Mogappair, Chennai-600037


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Bleeding gums??  Food getting between teeth?

Gum disease (periodontal diseases) is among the commonest chronic inflammatory conditions affecting the human body and is a leading cause of tooth loss. Considering that a growing body of evidence seems to suggest an association between periodontitis and other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus, treating gum disease may be important not just for the health of the oral cavity but general health as well. Dental Clinic In Mogappair: Depending on your conditions one or more of the following gum treatment can be performed by our experienced dental professionals.

Nonsurgical periodontal therapy: greater ability to completely remove the irritants on the root surface means consistently better results. The inability to completely detoxify the root surface (subgingival calculus and necrotic cementum) using conventional instrumentation can be fully appreciated only when the roots are viewed under the operating microscope.

Surgical periodontal therapy: deep periodontal pockets are a classical sign of advanced periodontitis and may require surgical intervention. MIST (minimally invasive surgical technique) has evolved as a way of treating pockets and regenerating lost tissue using the operating microscope. As outlined before in the virtues of microsurgery, the MIST results in greater postoperative comfort and faster healing for the patient.

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