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Dr. Josephin Malarvizhy

16 years experience
Treatments:Dental Cavities , Tooth Decay , Gum Diseases , Tooth Filling , Dentures , Braces , Crowns , Dental Implants , Cosmetic Dentistry

Puducherry - Puducherry

Dr. Prasanna Kumar

9 years experience
Treatments:Pulp Diseases , Pulp Infections , Endodontic Therapy , Root Canal Treatment , Laser Root Canal Treatment


Puducherry - Puducherry


Dr.SelbaBalajiis a consultant Periodontist at Apollo White Dental located in Puducherry. He has received advanced training in oral implantology, laser dentistry and various regenerative surgical procedures. He has vast experience in cosmetic field as well. He does excellent work in improving overall appearance of patient’s face by performing various esthetic gum surgeries like gum contouring, gum depigmentation.

Specialized skills
  1. Scaling and root planing
  2. Curettage
  3. Management of gum diseases
  4. Gingivectomy
  5. Flap surgeries
  6. Bone graft surgery
  7. Splinting
  8. Guided tissue regeneration
  9. Cosmetic gum treatment
  10. Papilla reconstructive surgery
  11. Fillings
  12. Extractions
  13. Dental implant placement